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Posted on July 26, 2014

News:  Our farm has just earned the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)  "Environmentally Verified"  designation

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Still not enough blue to set an opening date, although ripening is coming along.

Please check back regularly for 2014 OPENING DAY information

 Web Exclusive: In thinking forward to each year's blueberry season, here is some information that might help you plan your picking time.

     OPENING DATES 2004-2013  

  (Determined SOLELY by Mother Nature) 

 2004  August 14  21
 2005  August 6  26
 2006  August 5  28
 2007  August 4  15
 2008  August 9  39
 2009  August 15  24
 2010  July 31  38
 2011  August 13  13
 2012  July 28


 2013  August 10  23

 *The length of the season depends, again, on Mother Nature, as well as the size of the crop and the picking pressure.  The average length of our seasons is 25 days.

  The Blueberry Farm Wreath Company  features twig wreaths created using the prunings from our bushes!  Check the latest Events and Like us onLike us on Facebook

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